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Radon Gas Test Kit ( 3-Pack )

Radon Gas Test Kit ( 3-Pack )


  • Manufacturer: Radonova, Inc.
  • Brand Name:   RadTrak3
  • Description:   RadTrak3 long-term Radon Gas Detector ( 3-Pack )
  • Part Number: RadTrak3
  • Compatibility: Residential dwellings  
  • Measurement Period: 3 months minimum, not exceeding one year.
  • Return shipment to USA accredited lab for analysis: not included.
  • Lab fee’s included in price: YES



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In stock


GasExperts is partnered with Radonova the global leader in Radon Gas Measurement. Radonova's Radtrak3 Alpha Track detectors for long term measurements, is the most commonly used technique for accurate Radon measurement. Detector analysis performed using state-of-the-art image scanner at the Radonova C-NRPP accredited US laboratory. Exposure results expressed in Canadian Bq/m3. The ideal 3 month testing period would be the typical heating season, October thru April. The measurement begins when the radon-proof plastic bag is opened. Immediately place device.
  • Return shipment to USA accredited lab for analysis: not included.
  • Lab fee's included in price: YES
  • Confidential results emailed within 7 - 10 business days.
GasExperts strongly recommends return shipments via Canada Post tracked services:
  • Canada Post Tracked Pkt USA typically 5 business days (approx. cost $16.00)
  • Canada Post Expedited Parcel USA  typically 3 business days (approx. cost $20.00)

Return detector(s) to:  Radonova Inc.,  1 East 22nd Street, Suite 200, Lombard, IL 60148        



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Radon Gas Test Kit ( 3-Pack )
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