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fantech Ceiling Mount Series Model FIT 70E (ERV) – New

fantech Ceiling Mount Series Model FIT 70E (ERV) – New


  • Manufacturer: fantech a Systemair company
  • Model Series: FIT Ceiling Mount Series  
  • Model Description: FIT 70E (ERV) – (8.75 ” height)
  • Ventilation Performance: 70 cfm @0.4 in. wg
  • Manufacturers’ Part Number: 463400
  • Greentek Equivalent Model: Profile P 0.7E (463986)
  • Wall Controller Included: none
  • Core Type: Enthalpy Energy Core (ERV) > water washable
  • Drain Required: NO
  • Defrost Type: Fan Defrost
  • Motor Type: PSC (Standard)
  • Heat Recovery Rate (SRE) : 75%
  • Moisture Transfer rate: 55%



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FIT® 70E Fresh Air Appliance

Ceiling-mounted ERV, side port, 70 cfm (33 l/s)

Item #: 463400

The lightweight FIT 70E features a slim profile, side port connection, energy recovery core, supply fan modulation for frost prevention, and more. This 70 cfm appliance is ideally suited for condominiums and apartments.
• Side port 4” duct connection • Up to 70 cfm @ 0.4 in.wg. • Multi-speed operation to fit airflow needs • Frost prevention for year-round functionality • External electrical box for quick & easy access • Lightweight design allows for easy installation in tight spaces • No drain required resulting in less maintenance • Easy ceiling or wall installation
The FIT 70E profiles at a size of only 18.5” x 19.5” and 9.75”, and is lightweight & compact. The AHRI certified core made from water vapor transport durable polymer membrane is highly permeable to humidity. In addition, the ERV core is freeze tolerant and water washable. The core, filters, fans, and electrical panel can be accessed easily from the access panel. The FIT 70E brings a continuous supply of fresh air into the premises while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air out. The energy recovery core transfers both heat and moisture from the outgoing exhaust air to the incoming fresh air reducing the energy required to condition it. In summer time, the appliance cools and removes humidity from the fresh air and in winter time, it heats it while retaining humidity to keep the living area comfortable year-round.
This fresh air appliance is equipped with a preset frost prevention sequence that is activated at an outdoor air temperature of 14°F (-10°C) and lower. During the sequence, the supply blower shuts down and the exhaust blower switches into high speed to maximize the effectiveness of the frost prevention method. The appliance then returns to normal operation to continue the cycle. The Fit 70E comes with two washable MERV3 electrostatic filters, a removable screw terminal for easy connection with external access, and metal collars with rubber gaskets to ensure a tight connection on the rigid duct. The appliance comes with a limited warranty: 5 years on energy recovery core, 7 years on motors, and 5 years on electrical parts. The appliance has been tested in accordance with Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) Certification Program to ensure it meets HVI ratings for airflow and energy.



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fantech Ceiling Mount Series Model FIT 70E (ERV) - New
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